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      PEFINDO AGMS Re-appointed Irmawati as President Director

      Jakarta, June 27, 2023. Annual General Meetingof Shareholders (AGMS) PT Pemeringkat EfekIndonesia (PEFINDO) year 2023 has approvedthe company's annual report and ratified theaudited financial statements for the fiscal year2022 and re-appoint Irmawati as the PresidentDirector of the Company for period 2023-2027.

      At the AGMS, the Board of Directors presentedPEFINDO's achievements in 2022. Amid highglobal and domestic financial marketuncertainties due to the impact of the Covid-19pandemic in 2022, national debt issuance activityincreased compared to the previous year with atotal issuance of Rp163.63 trillion, where thisissuance was the second highest after theissuance of debt securities in 2017. From the totalissuance of national debt securities, PEFINDO hasrated debt securities worth Rp132.7 trillion. Thisnumber has increased compared to 2021 whichwas recorded at Rp84.4 trillion. PEFINDO also stillcontrols 81% shares of the domestic bond ratingmarket.

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