• pefindo25

    • On May 18, 2009, IDX together with PEFINDO and Investor Daily, launched a new stock index named as PEFINDO25 SME Index. The index represents the stocks of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with good fundamental performances and liquidity that are listed in IDX. 

      PEFINDO25 Index consists of 25 stocks chosen based on their financial and liquidity performances, as well as their high number of public ownerships.  IDX, PEFINDO and Investor Daily will routinely monitor the stock components in the Index calculation. Every twice a year, that is on first trading in February and August, the stocks listed in the PEFINDO25 Index will be renewed and changed. The base date for this index is December 29, 2005, with the index value of 100. The PEFINDO25 Index is expected to be one of the indicators for investing in the Capital Market of Indonesia.

      Since November 2014, PEFINDO25 Index has been spin off from PEFINDO's services and the services is currently conducted by PT PEFINDO Riset Konsultasi, subsidiary of PEFINDO.